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Why Torey Lovullo Will Lead The Red Sox to the Playoffs

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of John Farrell. I think he is a good manager and I like him leading my Red Sox. That being said, he is on the hot seat and really in a tough position. The Red Sox are the favorites to win the American League this year. The expectations are very high and this Red Sox team does have some glaring issues. I spoke about some of them last week in this post. There is a very good chance this Red Sox team does not get off to a great start. David Ortiz needs to hit for the Sox to win and he often struggles early in the season. David Price, who I think will have a very good season, might struggle at first to adjust to being an ace in Boston with a big salary and huge expectations. I won't even get into the issues of Hanley RamirezPablo Sandoval and Rusney Castillo. I am convinced that the only reason Dave Dombrowski did not fire John Farrell in the off-season was because of Farrell's cancer diagnosis. How can you fire guy battling for his life? …