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David Bowie and the 2004 Red Sox

David Bowie passed away two days ago and I watched the tributes pour in on his life and his career. I never was a big Bowie fan. I never really got into his music with one exception. Under Pressure, a song he did with Queen will always be special to me.

Before Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS, Fox opened up their broadcast with a montage of images set to Under Pressure. It was a perfect scene setter if you will for the huge game. That opening and that song actually relaxed me. It made me feel at ease because as I watched the images of the players I realized that the only team under pressure was the Yankees. The Red Sox were playing with house money. They were left for dead three nights earlier. A Yankee win was expected but a Red Sox win after being down 3-0 against the Yankees would live forever. All the pressure was on them. The rest as they say was history.

While I may not have been a huge fan of David Bowie, that one song will always make me smile. Thank you for that.

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The Fascinating Retired Life of Dan Haren

I love twitter especially when people use it in great ways. Dan Haren was one of those people yesterday. Here are the twitter thoughts of Dan Haren:

I'm on an exercise bike, bored, so here are some things about my baseball career that come to mind......

I went into almost every start the last few years thinking... How the hell am I gonna get these guys out

There's was at least 3-4 times I thought the team plane was gonna crash.

I would count out the days about a month in advance to see if I was gonna pitch in Coors field.

One of my favorite moment ever was hitting a homer off Chris Carpenter. I took my time running the bases.

I gave up 11 runs in Toronto and got the win one time.

I had to take Imodium most days I pitched to plug myself up.

My only superstition was to make sure I had 2 glasses of wine the night before I pitched. This ties in with the Imodium

I gave up so many homers cause I didn't wanna walk people. That and cause I threw 85 mph meatballs sometimes.

Why the hell d…

Interview with Graham Womack: The 25 Best Players Not in the Baseball Hall of Fame

A couple of weeks ago I began an email interview with Graham Womack of Baseball Past and Present. Graham's latest project debates the 25 best players not in the Baseball Hall of Fame. We are on the eve of him releasing his results. I will post who I voted for later this week. Let's get to the interview:

Me: Graham, thanks again for agreeing to this. Let's get right to the Hall of Fame project. When was the first year you did it and what gave you the idea for it?

Graham: I did my project for the first time in December 2010. Earlier that year, I'd read a book by Len Berman where he'd used a panel of experts to select the 25 greatest players in baseball history. I thought it might be interesting to use a similar approach to find the best players not in Cooperstown.
I was also motivated by an experience I had the year before when I made my own list of who, at the time, I thought were the 10 best players not in. Some website picked up on one of my selections, Dale Murp…