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Media Rips Derek Jeter

Joel Sherman of the New York Post ripped Derek Jeter on the Michael Kay Show last week. It was  refreshing to hear the media go after Jeter about his captaincy. I touched on my issues about Jeter, The Captain in this blog post.

Sherman took issue first with manager Joe Girardi and the way he is managing Jeter. Sherman reminded Kay how Girardi insisted that in Jeter's final season he would not manage it like a farewell tour, rather he would manage to win games. Sherman pointed out that Girardi still has Jeter batting second in the order and has yet to lift Jeter late in the game for a better defender.

Sherman than pointed the finger to Jeter. While Girardi should be managing to win games, the captain could make it easier on him. Joel brought up Don Mattingly in 1994 and how he made life easier for manager Buck Showalter. Captain Don Mattingly went into Buck Showalter's office and told Buck that he realizes he is no longer the best hitter on the team and he should no longer b…