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The Man Behind Out of the Park Baseball

Out of the Park Baseball 15 is set to be released. It is the latest installment of what I believe is the best simulation sports game ever invented. My addiction is the only proof you need.  Markus Heinsohn created the first installment of the game in 1999 and should be enshrined in Cooperstown because of it. I had the chance to exchange emails with Markus about OOTP 15 and the history of the series. Enjoy!

Me: Let’s get right to the big news, Out of the Park Baseball 15 and the leap into the word of 3D. There are plenty of us who have been wanting this for a long time but there are also many who do not want this at all and are worried it is somehow going to ruin the game. Has making OOTP 3D always been a goal of yours for the game or was it brought on by feedback of your loyal customers?

Markus: A little bit of both: We always knew we’d have to go the 3D route eventually, especially given how successful it has been for Football Manager, but we’ve also had people asking for it on our fo…

2008: Alex Rodriguez to the Boston Red Sox

Another season of Alex Rodriguez in Boston and another dominating regular season for the Red Sox.

Alex would put up MVP like numbers once again but would be beaten out in the MVP race by his teammate,  Hanley Ramirez. I hate to be an AROD apologist but Alex was robbed again. Hanley now has 2 MVPs playing DH while Alex wins gold gloves playing shortstop.

Alex would reach a milestone in 2008 hitting his 500th homer. Manny Ramirez would also hit his 500th homer in 2008

Both Manny and Alex are behind their pace in real life. Alex hit his 500th homer in real life in 2007 while Manny hit his early in 2008 not late in 2008.

However, all the personal stats mean nothing. The regular season dominance by the Red Sox means nothing because once again they failed in the playoffs. Since AROD arrived in 2004 the Red Sox have won over 100 games in every season except 2004 when they won 99 games. Yet, they have only made it to the ALCS once and never the World Series. In 2008, they would fall again in t…