Friday, July 25, 2014

Is the ACC Closing the Gap on the SEC?

Is the ACC closing the gap on the SEC? Yes and no. The ACC is much better than it was but that is not saying much. There is this belief among some that the SEC is overrated, that their bottom teams are awful and just like any other conference they just have a couple of good teams at the top.

This is something that ACC fans are really starting to believe since Florida State won the national title last year. The ACC thinks they are just like the SEC now. They have a couple of really good teams at the top and equally bad teams at the bottom. Very simple, very easy. Not so fast.

Using Phil Steele's power ranking numbers, I decided to match up each SEC team with their ACC counterpart (Best SEC vs Best ACC, Second Best SEC vs Second best ACC etc.) to see who would win and by how many on a neutral field. The conclusion is that it is not close. Let me be clear, Phil Steele's numbers are not perfect but they are pretty accurate and the results are pretty staggering in favor of the SEC. The ACC is getting better but the depth of the SEC in comparison is no match.

1) Florida State -1 over Alabama

2) Auburn -13 over UNC

3) South Carolina -8 over Clemson

4) Georgia -7 over Louisville

5) LSU -7 over Miami

6) Ole Miss -9 over Virginia Tech

7) Texas A&M -6 over Duke

8) Missouri -6 over Georgia Tech

9) Florida -6 over Pitt

10) Miss State -7 over Syracuse

11) Tennessee -3 over NC State

12) Arkansas -6 over Virginia

13) Vanderbilt -9 over Boston College

14) Kentucky -3 over Wake Forest


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