Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Truth About Clowney and The SEC Chant

We have heard the jokes all season long from Clemson fans about the lack of Clowney's "production". We have been told he has been having an awful season and is a quitter. He has been banged up with a rib issue, an ankle issue and is putting off surgery to have bone spurs removed until after the season. Yeah, he sounds like a quitter.

Now let's talk production, are his numbers down? Yes they are. Did Clowney suddenly get worse? Of course not. His numbers are down for a few reasons. He has been banged up like we mentioned and not only are teams double and triple teaming him....yes triple teaming him, they are also running away from him. I know what you are saying, a typical coot making excuses. That is fine, but let's take a look at the unbiased evidence. Here is a play against Arkansas.

 Ok, I know what you are saying. "It is just one play, way to cherry pick". Fine, let's take a look at some of the unbiased analysts take who chart every single play. Here is a tweet from Kevin Weidl of ESPN during the Georgia game

Of Clowney's 20 pass rush attempts. I had 6 pressures, 1 sack and 1 pass deflection. He was doubled 5 times and GA ran quick game 7 times.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

History Favors The Gamecocks Over Clemson

Clemson leads the overall series, we are reminded of that all the time it seems. However, the rivalry has never been bigger than it is right now. Both programs are in the middle of a great run. This is the best era in Gamecock football history. Coming into Saturday, Clemson has won 41 games over the last four seasons. They have no national championships to show for it or wins over the Gamecocks but this has also been a very successful time in Clemson football history.

It is rare that both programs are really good at the same time. There used to be a theory that there wasn't enough talent in the state for both teams to be good at the same time. Since 1980, only 4 times have the Gamecocks and Clemson played each other when both were ranked. Saturday night will be the fifth time, the the third straight year and the first time that both teams will meet while being ranked in the top ten.

The Gamecocks are 3-1 in these games with the only loss coming in 2000 when Rod Gardner PUSHED the Tigers to the victory in Death Valley 16-14. I was there and the frustrating part about that game is the Gardner no call push off was just the third worst call of the game.

The 1987 meeting held the honors as being the best combined rankings of the teams in the series. The Gamecocks were ranked 12th and Clemson was ranked 8th. The Gamecocks would prevail thanks to that loud Williams-Brice crowd and of course Brad Edwards.


1987 Carolina 20-7
2000 Clemson 16-14*********
2011 Carolina 34-13
 2012 Carolina 27-17

 History is on the Gamecocks side for a change.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to Little Auburn Week

I learned something new last week and I haven't stopped laughing since. I always heard a reference to Clemson copying Auburn but I didn't think much of it. Clemson never struck me as a real creative school. Their nickname is Tigers, their fight song is Tiger Rag and they play in Death Valley. Yawn.

It all began on twitter when a Clemson fan said the Gamecocks were not real original with the Fear the Thumb slogan. True, but the slogan is not meant to be original, it is meant to be used for any situation when you are about to drop five straight wins on your rival. It has been used by other teams in the past and will be used again in the future. It goes right up there with Three Peat etc.

That remark by the Clemson fan led to some research on the creation of the Clemson football program. Here is what I found out. Apparently Walter M. Riggs was a graduate of Auburn and came to Clemson to start the football program. Lacking money, he borrowed some of Auburn's old practice jerseys. These jerseys would be the game jerseys for Clemson. The jerseys were blue but because they were so old they had begun to fade to a purple color. Nice!

The name Tigers was not taken from Auburn however, the team voted on Tigers because they were inspired by the Princeton Tigers who had just won the national title. The bandwagon mentality is in their DNA.

Then you have the infamous "ALL IN" slogan. The Clemson fans want you to believe Dabo coined it when he took over the job when Tommy Bowden was fired. Not so fast my tater. A little research pulled up this t-shirt from 2005.

So it is officially Little Auburn week for the Gamecocks. The Gamecocks are coming off a 70-10 win over Coastal Carolina and Clemson knocked off The Citadel while wearing all purple. I guess Auburn must have received some new practice jerseys.

“Clemson is Auburn with a lake" - Lewis Grizzard

SEC envy and Clemson has been going on for quite some time I guess.

Monday, November 11, 2013

2013 Boston Red Sox Prediction

The Red Sox are the World Champions and it is time for me to gloat. I am not gloating to the Yankee fans, already have done that. It is now time to gloat to Red Sox fans, you know the Red Sox fans who were predicting doom and gloom before the season began. They were all over the place. They were on twitter, message boards, on the comment section after every Red Sox article. I made the mistake of trying to persuade them otherwise but I was called a "Pink Hat", a "fan boy". I did not predict the Red Sox would win it all but I did predict they would make the playoffs and be in contention for the division going into the final week of the season. Don't believe me? Well, here is the post from April 1st.

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