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Life Without Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones will be throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day. That is great news and it is awful news. It makes me feel old. I grew up in Upstate, NY as a die hard Red Sox fan. I came south for college in 1993. A very young Chipper Jones made his debut on September 11th of that year. I was living and going to school in Columbia, SC and I was officially in Braves Country. I loved it!

My allegiance to the Red Sox never waned but I quickly became attached to the Braves and it mainly had to do with Chipper. He was a big time prospect and someone you could latch onto as the face of a franchise.

Chipper sat out the 1994 season because of injury but came back to help lead the Braves to the World Championship in his rookie year. Not a bad way to start a career.

Chipper was the first baseball player I really liked that was around the same age as myself. My other favorite players were always grown men when I was just a boy. It wasn't a big deal at the time but the last few years it ha…