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Different Jersey Number for Xander Bogaerts

The season of Bogaerts is almost upon us and instead of wearing #72, Xander Bogaerts will now be wearing #2. The number is available now that Jacoby Ellsbury has moved on.

#2 is a classic number and you can already start to picture it displayed proudly in right field alongside #1, #4, #6, #8, #9, #14 and #42. Am I getting ahead of myself? Of course I am but Xander sure looks to be special.

All that needs to be done now is to sign Stephen Drew and move Xander over to third base. As I have mentioned before, the best Red Sox team is one in which Drew is at SS and Xander is at third base.

Do These Sox Fit A.J. Pierzynski?

A.J. Pierzysnki wasn't the best decision by the Red Sox but it was much better than signing Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a multi year deal.

The best option would have been to sign Brian McCann. It was the one move the Yankees got right this offseason.

Living in Braves country I get to see a lot of McCann and he would have been perfect for the Red Sox. He can hit and I believe he will be able to hit through the life of this new contract. When all is said and done, he will be worth the money and then some for the Yankees.

The Red Sox have some young catchers in the system. Christian Martinez and Blake Swihart look to be the future. McCann could have been the perfect bridge. He could have caught for this year and next and then move into the DH role for David Ortiz (assuming Big Papi signs another one year extension and retires). Nobody can replace the impact of Big Papi in the lineup but McCann would be formidable in that role. If I were the GM, I would have went hard after McCann ju…

Boston Red Sox Need Stephen Drew

All signs point to Stephen Drew returning to the Red Sox. This is great news! It is great news because Stephen Drew at shortstop for the Red Sox makes them a better team in 2014.

It is also great news because I get to fight on twitter with Red Sox fans who think Drew is awful, overpaid and a pussy.

The Drew bashers are a special breed. They are vehement with their hatred of Drew but never seem to have the facts to back up their hatred.

The combination of Drew and Xander Bogaerts on the left side of the infield is much better than the combo of Bogaerts and Will Middlebrooks. If you disagree, then you just weren't watching the playoffs last season.

I know Drew slumped in the playoffs with the bat, but he was perfect with the glove and defense is just as important if not more important in the playoffs than the bat. The ALCS should have taught you that as the Tigers lack of defense helped the Red Sox get to the World Series.

The defensive aspect is lost on so many. If you save t…

The Lingering Loss to Tennessee

The Tennessee loss lingers. It may hurt more now than it did when it actually happened and believe me it hurt a ton back then.
As Gamecock fans we are faced with the could haves, the should haves and the might haves. We should have clobbered Tennessee, we could have played for the SEC title and we might have been playing for the national title. Let that sink in for a bit, how do you feel? Yeah, I feel sick to my stomach too.
Let’s be realistic, Auburn would have been a very tough team to beat in the SEC title game. I would like to think our defense could shut down their one dimensional offense, but Alabama couldn’t do it, so more than likely neither could we. We would have been able to score on them, but would it have been enough? Probably not, but who knows. We don’t get the chance to find out.
Chances are a loss to Auburn in the SEC title game would have put us in the exact spot we are in now, outside looking in at a BCS bowl game. That is probably what would have happened but that sce…

Jacoby Ellsbury Leaves the Red Sox for the New York Yankees

Many Red Sox fans are angry that Jacoby Ellsbury is now a Yankee. Some of the tweets have been pretty embarrassing. They were so embarrassing that Deadspin highlighted the stupidity of some Red Sox fans. 

 Ellsbury is not a traitor or even a "trader". The Yankees are a great fit for him. The Yankees had the money, the years and play in a ballpark that fits his swing.

We won't know exactly what the Red Sox were offering but I am guessing it wasn't close to the Yankees offer. It wouldn't make sense for the Sox to sign Ellsbury to this deal. The goal of a well run organization is to build a team from the farm system up. This is not always possible of course but in this situation it was for the Red Sox.

Jackie Bradley is the future for the Red Sox just like Evan Gattis is for the Braves. When you have the young replacement in place, and under team control for the league minimum salary, you don't re-sign the 30 year old veteran that is blocking him to a 7 year …

The Truth About Clowney and The SEC Chant

We have heard the jokes all season long from Clemson fans about the lack of Clowney's "production". We have been told he has been having an awful season and is a quitter. He has been banged up with a rib issue, an ankle issue and is putting off surgery to have bone spurs removed until after the season. Yeah, he sounds like a quitter.

Now let's talk production, are his numbers down? Yes they are. Did Clowney suddenly get worse? Of course not. His numbers are down for a few reasons. He has been banged up like we mentioned and not only are teams double and triple teaming him....yes triple teaming him, they are also running away from him. I know what you are saying, a typical coot making excuses. That is fine, but let's take a look at the unbiased evidence. Here is a play against Arkansas.

Ok, I know what you are saying. "It is just one play, way to cherry pick". Fine, let's take a look at some of the unbiased analysts take who chart every single play. H…

History Favors The Gamecocks Over Clemson

Clemson leads the overall series, we are reminded of that all the time it seems. However, the rivalry has never been bigger than it is right now. Both programs are in the middle of a great run. This is the best era in Gamecock football history. Coming into Saturday, Clemson has won 41 games over the last four seasons. They have no national championships to show for it or wins over the Gamecocks but this has also been a very successful time in Clemson football history.

It is rare that both programs are really good at the same time. There used to be a theory that there wasn't enough talent in the state for both teams to be good at the same time. Since 1980, only 4 times have the Gamecocks and Clemson played each other when both were ranked. Saturday night will be the fifth time, the the third straight year and the first time that both teams will meet while being ranked in the top ten.

The Gamecocks are 3-1 in these games with the only loss coming in 2000 when Rod Gardner PUSHED the Ti…

Welcome to Little Auburn Week

I learned something new last week and I haven't stopped laughing since. I always heard a reference to Clemson copying Auburn but I didn't think much of it. Clemson never struck me as a real creative school. Their nickname is Tigers, their fight song is Tiger Rag and they play in Death Valley. Yawn.

It all began on twitter when a Clemson fan said the Gamecocks were not real original with the Fear the Thumb slogan. True, but the slogan is not meant to be original, it is meant to be used for any situation when you are about to drop five straight wins on your rival. It has been used by other teams in the past and will be used again in the future. It goes right up there with Three Peat etc.

That remark by the Clemson fan led to some research on the creation of the Clemson football program. Here is what I found out. Apparently Walter M. Riggs was a graduate of Auburn and came to Clemson to start the football program. Lacking money, he borrowed some of Auburn's old practice jerseys…

2013 Boston Red Sox Prediction

The Red Sox are the World Champions and it is time for me to gloat. I am not gloating to the Yankee fans, already have done that. It is now time to gloat to Red Sox fans, you know the Red Sox fans who were predicting doom and gloom before the season began. They were all over the place. They were on twitter, message boards, on the comment section after every Red Sox article. I made the mistake of trying to persuade them otherwise but I was called a "Pink Hat", a "fan boy". I did not predict the Red Sox would win it all but I did predict they would make the playoffs and be in contention for the division going into the final week of the season. Don't believe me? Well, here is the post from April 1st.

The 2004 Boston Red Sox Still Bother the New York Yankees

It has been 8 years and 11 months to the day since Mariano Rivera blew a save in Game 4 of the ALCS. It still makes me smile and it apparently still bothers Yankee fans. Case in point, Keith Olbermann. You can just feel the pain oozing out of him. It is beautiful. I don't want to pick on Keith. His politics differ greatly from mine and he is a Yankee fan. However, he is very good at what he does. His return to ESPN and his new show is the best thing on TV right now. Every night he is phenomenal. His monologues are so well written and delivered perfectly. He may be a bit crazy, most geniuses are. At his core he is a baseball nerd, just like I am. Politics and the Yankees aside, I agree with him on just about everything else. Here is the clip. Enjoy

Soul of The Game: Jackie Robinson Movie

Baseball has a lot of issues and the black eyes on the game are visible. However, baseball is not only great but it will always be important. 50 years ago this week Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream Speech" during the historic march on Washington. Keep in mind that it was baseball that got the ball rolling in this country when it came to desegregation and equal rights to blacks.

16 years before MLK inspired so many with his speech, it was Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby entering a brave new world for race relations. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus eight years after Jackie and Larry. Baseball does a lot of things wrong but this is one thing they got right and not only did they get it right, they were first.

Is there a march on Washington without Jackie and Larry? Is there a Rosa Parks? We will never know but it is easy to see that MLB shattering the color barrier made it a lot easier for there to be a Dr. King and a Rosa Parks. So while you ce…

Baseball, Betting and Baseball Betting Dorks

I love baseball, I love podcasts and I love gambling. It is no surprise then that one of my favorite podcast episodes of the year belongs to Chad Millman and Gill Alexander. Gill lives in California and during the week he goes to Vegas, bets baseball and stays in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. He was guest on the Beyond the Bets Podcast with Chad talking about this lifestyle. Many other professional gamblers come on the podcast with Chad and talk about how their life is not as glamorous as people think and how it really is a grind. I am sure all of that is true but Gill seemed to love his life. I tweeted to Gill that in my next life I want to come back as him.

Here is the podcast episode. It is a must listen. It is back from June. Needless to say I got behind in my podcasts.

Gill also does his own podcast called Betting Dork. Tons of great podcast dealing with MLB betting. Check it out.

Speaking of baseball betting, here is the latest from the Basement Bookie on how he bets baseball …

Will Middlebrooks is Angry

I didn't get much reaction when I first posted about Will Middlebrooks playing with two broken ribs. However, that all changed when I revealed that Middlebrooks was my source and I went ahead and posted the direct message twitter conversation as the proof.

Peter Abraham quickly followed me on twitter to scold me over direct message saying that it was awful of me to try and hurt Middlebrooks like that.

The truth is I posted the Middlebrooks conversation in an effort to defend him from his growing critics. When Middlebrooks first told me that he was going to play through the injury and keep it quiet I had a bad feeling that it would not end well.

Middlebrooks followed me again on twitter briefly to contact me via direct message once I posted the story. He was not happy. He accused me of trying to stir things up and mess with his career. We went back and forth for a while and I tried to explain to him the exact opposite.

Middlebrooks is listed as going on the DL with back spasms. Ve…

Will Middlebrooks Admits to Two Broken and Separated Ribs

Will Middlebrooks was placed on the disabled list with back issues but as was reported on this blog weeks ago he has been playing with two broken and separated ribs stemming from the collision with David Ross.

My source was Middlebrooks himself who told me about the injury the day after it all happened through twitter direct messages.

It all started when one of those basic idiots on twitter was tweeting Middlebrooks about how awful he was playing This happens a lot on twitter. It usually comes from the guy living in mom's basement in hopes that they can get a rise out of the player. A buffet loving Mets fan tried this with Chipper Jones on twitter a few months back and Chipper fired back along with all his fans. Shockingly, the Mets fan who dished it out could not take it and went to the media to call Chipper a bully. I blogged about that here.

Middlebrooks kept his cool with this guy but I tweeted at him instead. Next thing I know Middlebrooks began following me on twitter and se…

Will Middlebrooks Playing with Two Broken Ribs

The Red Sox have dropped six of their last seven and the bandwagon is quickly emptying out. Bad luck, sloppy play, poor pitching and injuries have been the main issues. One of those injured is Will Middlebrooks. He is hurt much more than he or the Red Sox have led you to believe. An inside source has told me that Middlebrooks has two broken and separated ribs. The third baseman was and is hell bent on playing through it. Apparently he was able to convince the Red Sox to let him play but also to keep the details of his injury quiet.

Middlebrooks is the ultimate gamer and feels the team needs him out there. The Red Sox do not have many options to replace him at this point. Middlebrooks wanted to keep it quiet because he did not want to be questioned on a nightly basis about playing with two broken ribs.

I applaud Middlebrooks for his toughness and his desire to not let the team down. This could very easily backfire in a number of ways. It sets Will up to really be crucified by the medi…

Chipper Jones Gets Even with Mets Fan on Twitter

I blogged the other day about Chipper Jones and how it would be very strange without him playing this season. I am back on the Chipper Jones topic again today but this time for a different reason and it involves the pathetic Mets and their equally pathetic fans.

As you may already know Chipper kind of owned the Mets during his career. A career .949 OPS with 49 homers and 159 RBI can make a pathetic Mets fan act even more pathetic. That was on display this past Friday as Chipper was tweeting while watching college basketball

Chipper Jones@RealCJ10
Oh is that how they play basketball at Kansas?? Cheap shot bruh! Don't mess with another man's nuggets! 11:44 PM - 29 Mar 13 848 Retweets 279 favorites This caught the attention of a former Deadspin writer and die hard Mets fan Pete Gaines

♕ Pete Gaines ♕@petegaines
@RealCJ10 Don't you have some steroids or adultery to do? 11:45 PM - 29 Mar 13 8 Retweets 8 favorites   You have to give him some credit, usually Mets fans just chant &…

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox Will Make the Playoffs

Call me crazy but I disagree with just about everyone. The experts all seem to think that both the Red Sox and Yankees will miss the playoffs and many of them have them finishing neck and neck for last place in the division. Not me.

I actually like this Red Sox roster. I like it a lot and I think they are much better than people give them credit for. I love this by the way. It is much better than having everyone picking you to win it all.

The Tampa Bay Rays are for real and I think they will more than likely win the division. However, I think the Red Sox will be in contention to win the division during the final week of the season. I see the Yankees in a battle for the second wild card spot.

The Blue Jays are the new "it" team. I am not buying it. They have a suspect rotation and an awful bullpen. An awful bullpen can demoralize a team. The pressure will also be on the Blue Jays. I see the Jays getting off to a tough start and caving.

The Orioles are good but not as good …

Life Without Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones will be throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day. That is great news and it is awful news. It makes me feel old. I grew up in Upstate, NY as a die hard Red Sox fan. I came south for college in 1993. A very young Chipper Jones made his debut on September 11th of that year. I was living and going to school in Columbia, SC and I was officially in Braves Country. I loved it!

My allegiance to the Red Sox never waned but I quickly became attached to the Braves and it mainly had to do with Chipper. He was a big time prospect and someone you could latch onto as the face of a franchise.

Chipper sat out the 1994 season because of injury but came back to help lead the Braves to the World Championship in his rookie year. Not a bad way to start a career.

Chipper was the first baseball player I really liked that was around the same age as myself. My other favorite players were always grown men when I was just a boy. It wasn't a big deal at the time but the last few years it ha…