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Shutting Down Carl Crawford?

Gordon Edes is reporting that the Red Sox will decide tomorrow to shut down Carl Crawford so he can have Tommy John surgery. If this is true, the Red Sox have finally made a good decision. This gives Crawford a chance to really contribute next season and be the player I still think he can be.

This also opens up the possibility of seeing Jackie Bradley Jr. in September if not sooner. Time to raise the white flag and get a look at the future. It is the only way to end this horrible season on a positive note.

Saying Goodbye to Johnny Pesky

The Grandfather of the Red Sox passed away this week. He was 92 years old, lived a full and incredible life yet it was still shocking and sad when news broke of his passing.

The only good news is that it gave us all a chance to celebrate his life. This is a welcome shift from dealing with the Red Sox who have turned into an absolute joke of a franchise.

Larry Lucchino for all intensive purposes runs the Red Sox and he has for years. He is on the top of my list when it comes to blame for what the Red Sox have become. With that being said, I do need to give him credit where credit is due. When it came to Johnny Pesky, Larry always got it right. I respect him for that along with his hatred for the Yankees. His politics, demeanor and the way he does just about everything else makes my stomach turn.

Dan Duquette was the GM when Pesky was kicked out of uniform and out of the Red Sox dugout in 1997. Duquette, in an interview this week placed the blame on the Red Sox manager at the time sayi…