Sunday, March 25, 2012

Out of the Park Baseball 13: First Look

Out of the Park Baseball 13 is almost here and I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy. I am going to blog about my initial thoughts today and then simulate the 2012 season and provide the details of how things play out.

First off, I never played OOTP 12. I usually like to skip a year so I can really see changes in the game. This is usually easy to do since every version of the game is great and you never get tired of playing it. Therefore some of the things in OOTP 13 that I consider new may have been in OOTP 12.

I downloaded the game and here are the things I did right off the bat:

1) I moved all my logos, caps, jerseys, ballparks from my OOTP 11 folders to my OOTP 13 folders and everything looks great.

2) I wanted to check out just how up to date this game is so I went to the playoff set up screen and sure enough the changes are there. The controversial one game wild card round is there. The game has also done a great job with keeping current as you can see from the Red Sox disabled list. The only issue as you can see is John Lackey is slated to come back sooner than he will be in real life. I don't know if that is good news or bad news for Red Sox fans.

3) OOTP 13 is like past versions in that it comes with very deep and accurate rosters. How deep? Well the pride of Gamecock Nation is here and ready to go for the Greenville Drive.

4) The Red Sox have a ton of question marks for the 2012 season, most notably the starting rotation. As you can, Daniel Bard is in the rotation along with Felix Doubront while Alfredo Aceves will have a key spot in the bullpen. Bard does have pretty low stamina ratings (ratings are out of 20) which is also a nice touch and one of the issues the Red Sox will have to deal with in real life. I also included the profile page of Josh Beckett.  You will notice it has his stamina rating at 18 which is twice as much as Bard's but it also has him listed as fragile. I also love the comment that he is somewhat of a leader. Where is the chicken and beer reference OOTP?

This is a very surface look at the game and so far I am very impressed. Visually the game looks much better than OOTP 11 and I love the new playoff features along with WAR being added in the stats. I loved OOTP 11 but I struggled with not having the players WAR calculated.

    I will be back soon with a post about the simulated season and other things I find about the game.