Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Curt Schilling and Out of the Park Baseball

Reason 9,235,685 why Out of the Park Baseball is the greatest game ever: You get to interact with Curt Schilling who is an addict like so many of us. Schilling uses the name "Gehrig38" and frequents the message boards. He writes about dynasties he is building and talks to fellow addicts. Schilling has two great dynasties going on right now that you can read about. The first is a fictional league where he is the owner of the Chicago Iron Pigs.

The second dynasty he is writing about is based in 1950 with real MLB players making random debuts. The cool part about this dynasty is Curt Schilling is pitching in the dynasty that Curt Schilling is running. Schill also gives some great stories about his playing days including a funny story about Bob Horner.

Check out the second dynasty here.

I have always raved about the community of Out of the Park Baseball and Schilling being involved is one of them but just as important are great comments like the one before to make you not only how stats work in OOTP but also in the real game of baseball.

Obviously a + zone rating (ZR) is good. In my 25-year fictional league there are about 15 instances when a player has a +20 ZR in a seasons. So that is roughly the maximum. I think that a +10 ZR is often enough to be the seasonal best player at a position. 

The advantage of ZR in OOTP is that it can easily be combined with offensive VORP:

VORP+ZR= player overall value

Divide that by ten and you have WAR (wins above replacement)

For example you want your team to win 100 games, you need 55 WARs, because the replacement level is 45 wins (the number of games that a random bunch of AAAers are supposed to win at the MLB level). You have 25 players on your roster in order to compile 55 WARs, each player would have to contribute a little over 2 WARs or 20 VORP. So a great fielder with a +10 ZR (=VORP) has already half done half his duty by his fielding alone. 

On the other hand a bad fielder with a -10 ZR, has to carry quite a good bat to be a worthwhile player.

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