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Box Score Stories: Two Heroes and Two Legends

The greatest website ever created is Baseball Reference. I can spend hours on that site just looking around. One of my favorite features is their collection of historic box scores. When I was growing up we didn't have cable. I had to find out scores of Red Sox games on the local news or the following morning from my father. We would get an afternoon newspaper and I would always get to it first and dive into the sports section and the box scores from the night before. Those were great days.
I started thinking about all the games I have been to in my first three decades on this earth. So many great memories and even greater was the ability to access their box scores years later. This is the first installment of the Box Score Stories series. I figured it was only fitting that I chose Father's Day to launch this new series since so many of my great childhood memories involve my father and baseball.
Weekend in New York The very first installment will break the very first rule. Thi…

Gamecocks Nation to Red Sox Nation

The Red Sox used their second pick in the MLB Draft to take Jackie Bradley Jr from the University of South Carolina. I have heard from many Red Sox fans since then voicing their concern over the Red Sox selection. They point to Bradley's 2011 numbers along with his wrist injury which appears to have ended his college career. I understand the concerns but I have been lucky enough to watch Jackie play the last three seasons. Let's break down exactly what the Red Sox organization is getting.

I brought up the concern over Bradley's 2011 numbers but let's not forget the numbers from 2009 and 2010.

2009: .349/.431/.537  11 HR  46 RBI  255 AB
2010: .368/.473/.587  13 HR  60 RBI  242 AB

2010 also concluded with a Gamecock national title in which Bradley was named MVP of the College World Series.

Coming into the 2011 season Bradley was thought of highly. So highly that when I asked around about the possibility of Bradley falling to the Red Sox in the draft I was told there was…

Drafting a Dynasty

The MLB draft is tonight and the importance of it continues to grow. The strength of this draft is pitching and the franchise that has a chance to benefit most is the Tampa Bay Rays who have 12 picks out of the first 100  Meanwhile the Yankees do not have their first pick until #51. The Red Sox boast five picks in the first 100 thanks to not re-signing Adrian Beltre and Victor Martinez. Thanks to our friends at Baseball Reference, here is a preview of the first 121 picks of the 2011 draft along with how each draft position has done historically.

Here is what the Tampa Bay Rays draft could look like based on history:

Pick 24: Terry Mulholland
Pick 31: Greg Maddux
Pick 32: Lee Lacy
Pick 38: David Wright
Pick 41: Fred Lynn
Pick 42: Dennis Leonard
Pick 52: Ralph Garr
Pick 56: Jimmy Key
Pick 59: Roger McDowell
Pick 60: Steve Garvey
Pick 75: Tino Martinez
Pick 89: Randy Johnson

That wouldn't be a bad 2011 Draft for Tampa! Obviously, those are all the best players ever drafted at each o…