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With a Friend Like Roger Clemens, Who Needs Enemies?

Andy Pettitte has officially retired making the Yankees rotation as thin as a super model. Andy said it was time to leave the game because he no longer possessed the drive needed to compete. He elaborated about missing his family and the seven month grind of being away from them being too much of a sacrifice to continue to make . The left hander denied that the upcoming Roger Clemens perjury trial had anything to do with it. It does make you wonder though, not if this made Pettitte retire but what to make of the current relationship between Roger and Andy.   Andy and I actually have a lot in common. Well, that might be a stretch.Let's just say we have one thing in common. We both grew up idolizing Roger Clemens. I got burned when Roger became a Yankee. Andy got burned when Roger said Andy "misremembered". Sorry Andy,but I got the better end of the deal. The sad thing is that according to most reports the two no longer speak. Best friends, teammates, and workout partners n…

Boston Red Sox 2011: Fantasy Preview

The Boston Red Sox watched the playoffs from their couch last season as their fans agonized over what might have been. Injuries cost the trio of Dustin PedroiaKevin Youkilisand Jacoby Ellsbury291 games combined.  Injuries to both Jason Varitekand Victor Martinez decimated the catching position so bad that there was a Kevin Cashsighting in The Fens.  The Red Sox limped into contention and were still alive going into the final week of the season when the Yankees finally put them out of their misery. 89 wins, a dip in television ratings and talk of a bridge year from Theo Epstein forced the Sox into an aggressive off season as the Red Sox reloaded with Adrian Gonzalezand Carl Crawford. The Red Sox who lacked star power last season now boast five of the top forty fantasy players in all of baseball. Gonzalez should be better than ever with more lineup protection than he has ever had in his career and a ballpark that seems to be custom made for his swing. Crawford is just starting to rea…

Should Boston Red Sox Fans Feel Guilty?

It has been an incredible off season for the Red Sox. Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Bobby Jenks, and Dan Wheeler have all been added to the impressive Red Sox lineup. These additions make the Red Sox favorites not only for this season but for seasons to come. Is it too much though? Are the Red Sox becoming the Yankees?

There are two schools of thought here. The first is real simple, the Red Sox are just like the Yankees and are trying to buy a championship. There is no question the Red Sox are able to do things that most organizations are not able to do. Throw in the fact that Red Sox fans seem to be everywhere and invade stadiums from coast to coast and you can see why the average fan lumps the Red Sox in with the Yankees.

The second school of thought says the Red Sox are nothing like the Yankees. The facts show that the Red Sox payroll will be about the same as last year's and the for the next few seasons the Sox payroll will be right around that $170 million mark just below …