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Red Sox Need Extras to Top White Sox

April 11, 1967

Chicago White Sox (0-1)00010311000691
Boston Red Sox (1-0)001001103017163

Crowds lined up early in front of Fenway Park, eagerly awaiting the start of the 1967 Major League Baseball season. On the mound was Gary Peters for the visiting Chicago White Sox and Jim Lonborg for the hometown Boston Red Sox. In a spirited contest, the Red Sox pulled out the win, defeating the White Sox by the score of 7-6.

Earning player of the game honors was Jim Hicks. The Red Sox got a big at-bat from center fielder Reggie Smith. For the game, Smith went 1 for 5 with a walk. In the bottom of the 11th, with the bases loaded, he stroked a run-scoring single. His 1st hit of the season gave Boston a 7-6 lead.

 "It was a test of wills," said Dick Williams, the Boston skipper. "I'm glad we came out of it with a win."

D. Buford 3B6010022.16700
R. Hansen SS5000012.00000
   W. Wood P0000000.00000
   e-J. Adair PH1000002.00000
   B. Locker P0000000.00000
T. Agee CF4110110.25000
P. Ward RF4220100.50000
J. Hicks 1B3223210.66713
T. McCraw LF5000004.00000
J. Martin C4010012.25000
   b-S. Burgess C0000100.00000
W. Causey 2B4011101.25001
G. Peters P3111000.33311
   a-K. Berry PH1000002.00000
   J. Lamabe P0000000.00000
   c-L. Elia SS0000000.00000
   d-W. Williams PH, SS1000002.00000
a - K. Berry pinch hit for G. Peters in the 8th
b - S. Burgess substituted for J. Martin in the 8th
c - L. Elia substituted for J. Lamabe in the 10th
d - W. Williams pinch hit for L. Elia in the 11th
e - J. Adair pinch hit for W. Wood in the 11th

Doubles: P. Ward (1, 2nd Inning off J. Lonborg, 0 on, 0 outs)
Home Runs: G. Peters (1, 7th Inning off D. Osinski, 0 on, 0 outs) J. Hicks (1, 6th Inning off J. Lonborg, 2 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: G. Peters 4 , J. Hicks 5 , W. Causey , D. Buford , T. Agee , P. Ward 3 , J. Martin
2-out RBI: W. Causey
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: R. Hansen , W. Causey , J. Martin 2 , K. Berry , J. Adair
Team LOB: 8

SB: J. Hicks (1) , D. Buford (1) , T. Agee (1) , P. Ward 2 (2) , W. Williams (1)
CS: D. Buford (1) , T. Agee (1) , T. McCraw (1)

Errors: D. Buford (1)
J. Foy 3B6110024.16700
M. Andrews 2B4220201.50000
C. Yastrzemski LF6021015.33301
T. Conigliaro RF6231013.50001
G. Scott 1B6242003.66702
R. Petrocelli SS4021003.50001
R. Smith CF5011121.20001
M. Ryan C3001103.00001
J. Lonborg P2000001.00000
   a-T. Horton PH1000002.00000
   D. Osinski P0000000.00000
   b-D. Jones PH10100001.00000
   D. McMahon P0000000.00000
   c-D. Demeter PH1000001.00000
   S. Lyle P0000000.00000
a - T. Horton pinch hit for J. Lonborg in the 6th
b - D. Jones pinch hit for D. Osinski in the 8th
c - D. Demeter pinch hit for D. McMahon in the 10th

Doubles: M. Andrews (1, 9th Inning off J. Lamabe, 0 on, 0 outs) R. Petrocelli 2 (2, 2nd Inning off G. Peters, 0 on, 0 outs; 6th Inning off G. Peters, 1 on, 0 outs)J. Foy (1, 3rd Inning off G. Peters, 0 on, 0 outs)
Triples: G. Scott 2 (2, 7th Inning off G. Peters, 1 on, 2 outs; 9th Inning off J. Lamabe, 1 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: M. Andrews 3 , C. Yastrzemski 2 , R. Smith , G. Scott 8 , R. Petrocelli 4 , J. Foy 2 , T. Conigliaro 3 , D. Jones
2-out RBI: G. Scott , T. Conigliaro
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: J. Lonborg , C. Yastrzemski , G. Scott ,R. Petrocelli 2 , J. Foy
Sac Fly: M. Ryan , R. Petrocelli
Hit by Pitch: R. Petrocelli
Team LOB: 12

Errors: C. Yastrzemski (1) , M. Ryan (1) , J. Foy (1)
G. Peters7.0933250143883.86
J. Lamabe BS (1)2.0433010362413.50
W. Wood1.00002002290.00
B. Locker L (0-1)0.03110001380.00
Game Score: G. Peters 50
Batters Faced: G. Peters 33, J. Lamabe 10, W. Wood 5, B. Locker 4
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: G. Peters 10-6, J. Lamabe 3-2, W. Wood 1-2, B. Locker0-0
Pitches - Strikes: G. Peters 143-88, J. Lamabe 36-24, W. Wood 22-9, B. Locker13-8
Hit Batsmen: B. Locker 
J. Lonborg6.0443431108634.50
D. Osinski2.052200139259.00
D. McMahon2.000002025170.00
S. Lyle W (1-0)1.00002101780.00
Game Score: J. Lonborg 49
Batters Faced: J. Lonborg 26, D. Osinski 10, D. McMahon 6, S. Lyle 5
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: J. Lonborg 8-5, D. Osinski 2-3, D. McMahon 2-2, S. Lyle1-1
Pitches - Strikes: J. Lonborg 108-63, D. Osinski 39-25, D. McMahon 25-17, S. Lyle 17-8 
Player of the Game: Jim Hicks
Ballpark: Fenway Park
Weather: Rain (53 degrees), wind blowing out to right at 15 mph
Start Time: 2:05 pm EST
Time: 4:28
Attendance: 19572
Special Notes: Rain delay of 56 minutes in the 3rd inning. George Scott sets the AL regular season game record for triples with 2.