Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dabo Tends to Lie When His Lips Move

We need to have a separate category for all the lies that Dabo Swinney tells us. We have already written about his zero tolerance policy on domestic violence and then hiring DeAndre McDaniel. Of course McDaniel punched, choked and threw his girlfriend down a flight of stairs in 2008.

We wrote about Dabo's policy on recruiting when it comes to commitments. You know the one where commitment is a two way street? That changes I guess when a 5 star running back commits to Clemson and still visits other schools. As of now, Feaster has not had his scholarship offer pulled from Dabo.

We now turn to the latest. Darren Rovell sent out this tweet blasting Dabo and his social media policy

The taters were out in full force after this tweet led by Clemson Tom who argued that it isn't Dabo's rule but a player's rule.

  MANDRALLIUS ROBINSON of The Greenville News also bought into this with this commentary on the social media ban and how we shouldn't blame Dabo for it.

The premise is that each year the senior class decides on this rule and every year since Dabo has been the coach these seniors have elected to have the social media ban. Except senior guard Eric MacLain indicated that Dabo Swinney and his staff institute the rule.

I sent this quote to Tom after watching him make a fool of himself tweeting Darren Rovell nonstop about it being a player's rule. Tom finally quieted down.

Where did this type of spin of come from? Who is the one that peddled the idea that it is a player's rule? I think we know. Most of us know that Dawn Staley also has this rule for her team. Unlike Dabo, Staley owns the rule and doesn't try and pretend it is a rule made by the players. She doesn't have columnists and fan boys spinning her propaganda and lies.

Dawn Staley tweeted about her policy today and Clemson Tom was right there with a tweet but this time he got it right, it is a Dabo rule. Thanks for playing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Betting on the World Series Winner

Bet at William Hill baseball

The Blue Jays winning it all is the best possible news for the Red Sox. Big changes needed to be made this offseason for the Red Sox and there is nothing quite like a division rival winning it all to bring that into focus. Of course the Yankees are also a division rival but what self respecting Red Sox fan would ever pull for that?

Can the Blue Jays do it? Despite being one game back of the Yankees for the AL East crown, all signs point to the Blue Jays winning the division. These same signs also show the Blue Jays as the best team in baseball. Baseball Reference uses the SRS rating which stands for Simple Rating System. The rating system combines run differential with strength of schedule. The Blue Jays have the best run differential and the second best strength of schedule. This gives them with the highest SRS in baseball. Coincidentally, the Red Sox have played the toughest schedule in baseball to this point in the season.

While the analytics have the Blue Jays the best team their World Series odds are not listed as the best. Bet at William Hill Baseball has the Blue Jays at +600 to win it all. This is tied with the Cardinals for the second best odds behind the Kansas City Royals who are at +450. The Royals have the 4th best SRS in baseball.

What about a sleeper? How about the Orioles? The Orioles of course are another division rival and they are tied with the second best SRS in baseball. They currently sit 4 games back in the AL East but have a one game lead for the final wildcard spot. Their odds at Bet William Hill Baseball are a very appealing +3000 which is just the 13th best odds on the board.

What about the overrated teams? Well the Dodgers and Mets sit at 11th and 14th in the SRS standings but they have the fourth and fifth best odds to win it all. According to Bet at William Hill Baseball the Mets have +800 odds while the Dodgers have +700. The Mets and Dodgers are similar though in that they are both loaded with big time pitching and when it comes to the postseason, a pitcher can take over like no other player. The Mets and Dodgers have more than one pitcher who could do this.

The best bet is the Blue Jays but if you are looking for a possible big payout, look into the Orioles. If you really feel like taking a gamble, pretend it is 1979 all over again and Bet at William Hill Baseball on the World Series matchup of the Orioles vs Pirates. The odds for that matchup right now is +11000  Good luck.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Buy a Howard's Rock Replica Hat

We are not joking, this is for real. Clemson is selling Howard's Rock replica hats. Don't believe me? Click here and begin to laugh so hard that you will cry. Look at these pictures! Clemson writes the jokes and we just laugh. I do have a question though, if a Clemson football player hits a female who is wearing this hat, do they get PTI and community service or will they go to trial and face 20 years in prison if the hat was damaged? Stay tuned.

When Will Dabo Pull the Scholarship Offer for Tavien Feaster?

As you may know, Dabo Swinney has a policy that once you commit to Clemson in the recruiting process you are no longer allowed to take any more visits to other schools. A little insecure? A little desperate? Sure it is but what would you expect from Dabo. However, it is a policy that is followed or else.

Take OL Zach Giella of Augusta who committed to Clemson back in May but then said he was planning on taking other visits and welcomed LSU to continue their recruiting efforts for his services. Giella's plans were not discussed with Dabo but his mind quickly changed and he decided to not take anymore visits. “Just decided not to” take more visits Giella said in a text message. Dabo is proud of you Zach. Way to adhere to this strict policy.

The saintly Dabo preaches how commitment is a two way street. It is a line he used once again when news broke that the #1 linebacker in the nation was de-committing from Clemson so he could visit other schools. As Clemson's recruiting rankings took a hit with the commitment loss, Dabo was there to preach about his commitment principles. What a man of honor and integrity! Except, I have one question. When will Dabo pull the scholarship of Tavien Feaster?  Feaster is a five star recruit and the #1 overall all purpose back in the nation. He committed to Clemson in February but then took a visit to Tennessee for their "Orange Carpet Day" on July 25th. Feaster was impressed:

“After this visit, I’ve most definitely got to reevaluate everything,” Feaster said. “I’ve got to think about Tennessee, ‘cause when they came in the first time, they was on me hard, but Clemson was selling the whole in-state thing. But when I realized Tennessee’s just almost about the same length away from my house, that was … I mean, that’s really not that far, you know? I believe that if I go to Tennessee, I can get away from home and just be myself — you know, no distractions, no nothing.”

“I had to go check Tennessee out since I was that special to ‘em. I mean, I just wanted to see what they had to offer, and I know right now they’ve got a lot to offer.”

Feaster said he loved “everything” about Tennessee’s Orange Carpet Day, and he loved the messages he got from Vols coach Butch Jones and his staff.

“I mean, (Jones) said I was gonna be the only back they was gonna take in the 2016 class, and they’ve got four scholarship backs right now, …and he said I was just different, just a different kind of back,” Feaster said. “He said my speed was very different, and the way I catch the ball was very different, and I could come in here and work hard and make a difference in this place.”

Feaster said he also clicked really well with Vols sophomore running back Alvin Kamara, a five-star junior college prospect who enrolled at Tennessee in January.

“I really got along with Alvin Kamara this weekend,” Feaster said. “He’s a real cool dude. He’s a real laidback guy. He’s sort of like myself. I don’t like to be bothered too, too much, but he was really cool and is really straightforward. We hung together a lot. He’s a great guy.

So Dabo.....when are you pulling that scholarship offer? Commitment is a two way street right?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What if South Carolina was in the ACC?

The Gamecocks joined the SEC in 1992 and have yet to win an SEC title. I am sure your friendly taters have brought this up a few times. Florida State joined the ACC also in 1992 and since then Clemson has only won the ACC once. That ACC title came in 2011 as Clemson went 10-4 and finished ranked #23 in the country. Can you imagine barely being ranked but it being good enough to be crowned conference champs? If you are a Gamecock fan, of course you can't. However, what if the Gamecocks were in the ACC in 2011 and Clemson was in the SEC for that season? Your friendly taters try to act like both conferences are equal and a conference title is a conference title no matter how it is won. Uh huh, sure.

With the help of the Second and Ten Football simulator, we went after finding an answer. We took the 12 teams in the ACC in 2011 and the 12 teams in the SEC in 2011 and created a season where they played 11 games, all of them against teams in their conference. However, we placed the Gamecocks in the ACC and Clemson in the SEC. What do you think happened? Remember, Clemson won the ACC in 2011 while the Gamecocks came in a tie for fourth in the SEC.

Let's take a look first at the SEC Standings:

Life in the SEC wasn't easy for the ACC Champs as they went 4-7 and tied with Vanderbilt for 8th place in the 12 team league. Not good at all. Let's take a look at Clemson game by game:

Smack downs to Alabama, Tennessee and Vandy. They did play the SEC champs somewhat tough though.

Out of 24 teams, only two teams gave up more points than that tough ACC Champion defense.

How about the Gamecocks? How would they do back in the ACC for a year?

The Gamecocks would dominate the SEC. They would only lose one game and that was the very last game of the season at Florida State. They allowed a total of 116 points in 11 games, unreal.

Defense wins and boy did it win for the Gamecocks in 2011. So next time a tater asks why the Gamecocks can't win the SEC link them to these results. The simulator never lies.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sights and Sounds from Gamecock Practice: Mitch vs Nunez

The Gamecocks finally opened up their practice to the public today and I was lucky enough to be there with my 3 year old son.

The new practice facility looked amazing. The renovations around the stadium are coming along nicely. The crowd was big and it was a great atmosphere. Steve Spurrier mentioned afterward that they may open up practice once a week to the public over the next month. Nothing official has been announced. 

Connor Mitch looked like the best QB out there but was far from sharp. Lorenzo Nunez looks much bigger in person and throws a much better ball than I was expecting. He has a chance to be pretty good. Here is a video of Nunez making a great throw to the corner of the endzone followed by Mitch over throwing his receiver.

The defense, and in particular the defensive line, is the real key to the season and unfortunately viewing practice doesn't give you a real sense about how much better they will be this year. We are only going to find that out on September 3rd against a very good North Carolina offense. Here is a video of the defensive line on the sled and my son closely looks on:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aloha Means Goodbye

Shane Victorino was traded yesterday. It was the right move to make as the Red Sox go into 2016 preparation mode. The trade ends Victorino's career in Boston. While he was injured often the last two years nothing can take away the 2013 season where he was one of the most important players on the eventual World Champions. His career in Boston can be summed up best by the 7th inning during Game 6 of the 2013 ALCS. The Sox were down 2-1 and the bases were loaded. Victorino walked to the plate as Bob Marley's Three Little Birds blared over the speakers. The fans began to sing along and Victorino went deep sending the Red Sox to the World Series. Everything truly was going to be alright. Aloha!