Friday, August 26, 2016

White Sox Use Late-Game Magic to Beat Red Sox

April 12, 1967

Chicago White Sox (1-1)0200110206103
Boston Red Sox (1-1)010100200471

Behind a solid performance from left fielder Tommy McCraw, the Chicago White Sox defeated the Boston Red Sox, 6-4. McCraw was 3-4 with 3 singles, while adding 2 RBI and scoring once for the White Sox.

Tommy John got credit for the win, improving to 1-0. He allowed 4 runs on 5 hits in 7.1 innings. Bob Locker earned save number 1.

 McCraw had a game-changing single in the top of the eighth. On a 1-1 fastball from John Wyatt, he banged a 2-run single to right, giving the White Sox a 6-4 lead. It was the 3rd hit of the year for McCraw. "I just try to see the ball and put a good swing on it," said McCraw.

 The loss drops Boston to 1-1.

D. Buford 3B5111000.18211
R. Hansen SS4000000.00000
T. Agee CF4130010.50000
P. Ward RF3100102.28600
   a-K. Berry RF0000000.00000
J. Hicks 1B2210211.60013
T. McCraw LF4132011.33302
   W. Wood P0000000.00000
   B. Locker P0000000.00000
J. Martin C4011014.25001
   b-S. Burgess C0000000.00000
W. Causey 2B4012012.25003
T. John P3000011.00000
   c-E. Stroud LF1000000.00000
a - K. Berry substituted for P. Ward in the 8th
b - S. Burgess substituted for J. Martin in the 8th
c - E. Stroud substituted for T. John in the 8th

Doubles: T. Agee (1, 3rd Inning off L. Stange, 0 on, 2 outs) W. Causey (1, 2nd Inning off L. Stange, 2 on, 2 outs)
Triples: J. Hicks (1, 6th Inning off L. Stange, 0 on, 1 out)
Home Runs: D. Buford (1, 5th Inning off L. Stange, 0 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: D. Buford 4 , T. Agee 4 , T. McCraw 3 , J. Martin , J. Hicks 3 , W. Causey 2
2-out RBI: J. Martin , W. Causey
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: T. John , P. Ward , W. Causey
GIDP: J. Martin
Team LOB: 3

SB: T. Agee (2)
CS: T. Agee (2) , T. McCraw (2)

Errors: T. John (1) , P. Ward (1) , W. Causey (1)
Double Plays: 1 (John-Causey-Hicks)
J. Foy 3B4100111.10000
M. Andrews 2B4022100.50002
C. Yastrzemski LF3000212.22201
T. Conigliaro RF5110006.36401
G. Scott 1B4000011.40002
R. Petrocelli SS4120011.50001
R. Smith CF4111002.22202
M. Ryan C2000102.00001
   b-D. Demeter PH1000001.00000
   c-B. Tillman C0000000.00000
L. Stange P2000003.00000
   S. Lyle P0000000.00000
   a-T. Horton PH1000001.00000
   J. Wyatt P0000000.00000
   d-D. Jones PH10100001.00000
a - T. Horton pinch hit for S. Lyle in the 7th
b - D. Demeter pinch hit for M. Ryan in the 8th
c - B. Tillman substituted for D. Demeter in the 9th
d - D. Jones pinch hit for J. Wyatt in the 9th

Doubles: M. Andrews (2, 7th Inning off T. John, 2 on, 2 outs)
Triples: R. Smith (1, 2nd Inning off T. John, 1 on, 1 out)
Total Bases: M. Andrews 3 , T. Conigliaro , R. Smith 3 , R. Petrocelli 2 , D. Jones
2-out RBI: M. Andrews
Runners left in scoring position, 2 outs: L. Stange 2 , T. Conigliaro 2
GIDP: T. Conigliaro
Team LOB: 9

Errors: M. Ryan (2)
Double Plays: 1 (Stange-Petrocelli-Scott)
T. John W (1-0)7.1542520142792.45
W. Wood H (1)0.1000000740.00
B. Locker SV (1)1.120002017146.75
Game Score: T. John 53
Batters Faced: T. John 33, W. Wood 1, B. Locker 6
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: T. John 7-12, W. Wood 0-1, B. Locker 2-0
Pitches - Strikes: T. John 142-79, W. Wood 7-4, B. Locker 17-14
Inherited Runners - Scored: W. Wood 1-0 , B. Locker 1-0
WP: T. John 
L. Stange6.1844241105685.68
S. Lyle0.2000000640.00
J. Wyatt L (0-1)2.022212039259.00
Game Score: L. Stange 43
Batters Faced: L. Stange 27, S. Lyle 2, J. Wyatt 8
Ground Outs - Fly Outs: L. Stange 7-6, S. Lyle 1-1, J. Wyatt 0-3
Pitches - Strikes: L. Stange 105-68, S. Lyle 6-4, J. Wyatt 39-25