Friday, June 26, 2015

Simulating the All Time Greatest Golfers

Who is really the greatest golfer of all time? Is it Bobby Jones? What about Sam Snead who leads in overall tournament victories? What about Jack Nicklaus and his 18 majors? Could it be Tiger Woods?

Action PC Golf  helps to answer those questions. The game gives you all kinds of options and historic seasons.

Below is a video that shows how it looks to play Augusta National:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Can Eduardo Rodriguez Save the Season?

Eduardo Rodriguez

It is getting late real early for the Red Sox and tonight they turn their season over to a rookie, Eduardo Rodriguez. The Red Sox need a spark and they need one fast. They may play in a division without a team that is capable of running away with it but you don't want to get behind too many teams as we head into June.

Rodriguez is ranked as the Red Sox #4 prospect, Keith Law ranked him the 29th best prospect in all of baseball. What makes it even better is that he was acquired last year from the Baltimore Orioles for an Andrew Miller rental. Miller is now with the Yankees but the Red Sox still have Eddy.

From Keith Law:

Rodriguez faced 29 batters this spring, punching out nine and walking none. The last stat is the only one here I think has much if any significance in the tiny spring training sample, especially because Rodriguez's deficiencies as a prospect were areas such as command and feel for pitching. He has two plus pitches, with the breaking ball gradually improving. Getting him for two months of Andrew Miller looks like a genius move by Red Sox GM Ben Cherington.

Rodriguez has been just as impressive this year in Pawtucket where he is 4-3 with a 2.98 ERA. In a little over 48 innings pitched he has struck out 44 and only walked 7.

Can he save the season starting tonight? Can you imagine how different the Sox could look later tonight if Rodriguez goes out and looks like the real deal? It could be the kind of look that sparks this team to life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zero Tolerance for Financial Transaction Card Fraud

Defensive End Ebenezer Ogundeko has been dismissed from the Clemson football program following his arrest by the Clemson Police Department for Financial Transaction Card Fraud. First off, my hats are off to the Clemson PD who have been notorious for looking the other way when a Clemson athletes finds themselves on the wrong side of the law. Secondly, the "we too deep" bunch is suddenly nervous about their depth on the defensive line.

Speaking from experience, it really sucks when you lack depth upfront on defense. I hope Spurrier is putting in the "jet sweep" as we speak.

Dabo is being praised by kicking this "thug" off the team. He is a bad apple cries Tater Nation, not a good fit with their clean program. Clearly, Dabo has a "zero tolerance policy" when it comes to Financial Transaction Card Fraud. What a stand up guy. Of course Dabo also publicly stated his zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence and then hired DeAndre McDaniel on his coaching staff. McDaniel, according to police reports, punched, choked and pushed his girlfriend down a flight of stairs in 2008. Dabo felt he would be a good fit for his staff just a few weeks after his passionate "zero tolerance" speech.

Ebenezer did screw up, he committed the wrong crime. He could have just beaten up his girlfriend, found a sympathetic judge, completed PTI and been contributing on defense for Clemson this year. He would no longer be called a thug by the Clemson fan base, instead just a kid who made a "mistake" who was given a second chance by the great Dabo Swinney. It could have been a storybook ending.

Here is a piece we posted about the hypocrisy of Dabo right after he hired McDaniel:

   By all accounts, Dabo Swinney is a really good guy. However, he is not immune to hypocrisy and it is on full display right now. First, let's look back to June of 2008 when DeAndre McDaniel was arrested on charges of aggravated assault against his girlfriend.  According to police, McDaniel covered his girfriend’s face with a comforter, choked her, punched her in the head and chest and then shoved her down a flight of stairs, causing “serious bodily injury.”

McDaniel was permitted to participate in a pre-trial intervention program – and his arrest record was wiped clean. He was reinstated to the Clemson football program by Tommy Bowden while Dabo was on staff. Dabo would take over four months later and was the head coach for the 2009 and 2010 seasons which included DeAndre McDaniel on the roster. This is something that the Dabo haters like to point out when Dabo came out against domestic violence this past fall when the Ray Rice situation took over the headlines.

Dabo stated he had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic abuse. He even brought up examples from his own childhood and dealing with an alcoholic and abusive father. Dabo was praised for his stance, others pointed to McDaniel as an example of his hypocrisy.

In Dabo's defense, it was Bowden's decision to bring him back and it is a little much to ask Dabo to then kick McDaniel off the team once he became the head coach over something that happened in the past and was settled. I have always defended Dabo on that issue. However, there is no defense for the latest news.

News broke yesterday that DeAndre McDaniel will be joining the Clemson coaching staff as a graduate assistant. This is just four and a half months after Dabo came out with his zero tolerance policy in the press. How can this be defended?

I have already heard from a few Clemson fans who want to argue about the innocence of McDaniel in the assault case. They reason that his record was wiped out, that the girl changed her story multiple times and is not believable. Here is what McDaniel said while preparing for the NFL Draft in 2011:

“I did put my hands on her,” said McDaniel, insisting the media made it a bigger deal than it was. “Some of that stuff is false. … That’s the only mistake I made in my whole life.”

The police report details are awful. Maybe it is not entirely true but McDaniel does admit to putting his hands on her, admits it was mistake and went ahead and entered PTI instead of fighting the charge. Does this sound like a zero tolerance policy to you?

2015 Gamecock Baseball and What Went Wrong

Yesterday we broke down how the Gamecocks could still get themselves into the NCAA playoffs, today we are shaking our heads. The Gamecocks showed up in Hoover and didn't even get to say they went "Two and Barbeque". It was simply one and done, ending their disappointing season. If you are pissed, I understand, If you think Chad Holbrook should be fired then you are a moron. Unfortunately the morons tend to be the most vocal.

The Gamecocks had a bad year, we know this. Why? Well, they were young and didn't have enough talent. It really is as simple as that. The Gamecocks lost a lot of talent off of last year's team and the new guys weren't quite ready to step up and fill in. Why is this? Nobody knows at this point. It could just be their youth or maybe they are just not good enough. Those questions will be answered as their careers at Carolina continue. This team reminds me a lot of the 2008 and 2009 teams. There are big gaps that need to be filled through recruiting and experience. There were many who wanted Ray Tanner's head after those seasons as well. I am guessing the same ones who want Holbrook fired now are the same ones who wanted Tanner fired back then. The funny part is these people now treat Tanner like a God and that his teams were always championship material.

I posted this at the beginning of the month and I think it speaks to the issue with this team, we just didn't have the talent:

May 6th, 2015

Why have the Gamecocks struggled this year? The easy and unreasonable explanation is to blame it all on Chad Holbrook. The simple truth is that the Gamecocks are young and lack talent. This theory has some weight behind it as Keith Law just released his Top 100 MLB Draft prospects for this June. These are a collection of high school kids and college kids who have played at least three seasons. The Gamecocks don't have one player to make the Top 100. You can blame it on youth or lack of talent but those are the facts.

By contrast, Vanderbilt has two players in the top ten alone. The Gamecocks need more experience and more talent. They will get that next year thanks to some talented JUCO players along with some impact high school kids. The 2008 and 2009 seasons were similar to this one, no not quite as bad but similar issues. This was before the notion began that Ray Tanner could do no wrong.

Here is the complete list of prospects for the June draft with the write ups done by Keith Law

1. Brendan Rodgers, SS, Lake Mary (Fla.) High School

If there's a consensus top player in this draft, Rodgers is it. He's a strong shortstop who has the hands and arm to stick at the position, a great feel for hitting, good performance against top competition last summer and the chance for above-average power in the future.

2. Kevin Newman, SS, Arizona

The best college hitter in the class, Newman can stay at shortstop, is a plus runner and has hit everywhere he has played by employing great hand-eye coordination and excellent bat speed. The lack of power might turn off some teams, but he's strong enough to drive the ball once he closes his stance.

3. Dansby Swanson, SS, Vanderbilt

A strong performer in the best conference, Swanson can stay at shortstop in pro ball despite having just an average arm, thanks to his great athleticism and instincts. He also has a good eye at the plate, with some propensity to swing and miss being the only concern.

4. Dillon Tate, RHP, UC Santa Barbara

The best pure college starter in the class, Tate will show 98 mph in most starts, albeit without great command. His best fastball is going to be more 92-95, with good location. His slider is his one swing-and-miss pitch right now, with the changeup being a work in progress.

5. Kolby Allard, LHP, San Clemente (Calif.) High School

Allard's year ended early due to a stress reaction in his lower back, but his long-term prognosis is fine, and he was the clear No. 1 prep arm last summer. He's a six-foot -- if that -- southpaw with a plus curveball, solid-average fastball (if not better) and ability to throw both for strikes without much effort.

6. Alex Bregman, SS, LSU

If Newman isn't the best college bat in the class, then Bregman, who strikes out about once per solar eclipse, probably is. He's deceptively strong for his 5-foot-8 or so frame, and while he'll probably move to second base by the time he reaches the majors, it won't be due to any lack of effort or instincts.

7. Ian Happ, OF, Cincinnati

Happ has played all year despite having surgery for a double hernia about a week before the Bearcats' first game. This makes his .369/.495/.682 line all the more impressive. Happ does strike out more than you'd like, and his ultimate position isn't clear since he hasn't been 100 percent all spring.

8. Garrett Whitley, CF, Niskayuna (N.Y.) High School

Whitley's spring season is very short, starting in early April and ending mid-May, but he has quickly emerged as the leading tools-position player in the class, with power, speed, arm and enough athleticism and feel to profile in center field.

9. Walker Buehler, RHP, Vanderbilt

Buehler shows three pitches, all above-average, with above-average command and a very aggressive approach. He might be the first college pitcher taken anyway, but if he had a bigger, stronger frame, he'd be a top-overall-pick candidate.

10. Kyle Tucker, OF, Plant High School (Tampa)

Tucker started slowly this spring but quickly established himself as one of the best pure hitters in the draft, with the chance for future plus hit and power tools, as well as the arm to profile in right field, if and when he moves out of center.

11. 11. Kyle Funkhouser, RHP, Louisville

Big, strong and somewhat raw as a pitcher, Funkhouser has the size and durability that scouts want. He has a fastball in the 92-95 range that he maintains deep into games and improved control this year. He's keeping the ball down somewhat more effectively and has given up just 10 extra-base hits (no home runs) through 82 innings.

12. Mike Nikorak, RHP, Stroudsburg (Pa.) High School

Nikorak bulked up this offseason, so he looks more like a major league pitcher. But he has lost a little fluidity in his delivery, which is longer now and harder for him to repeat. When he's on, though, it's beautiful, as he'll work 92-97 and flash a plus curveball.

13. Daz Cameron, CF, Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, Ga.)

Former major leaguer Mike Cameron's son has a lot of above-average tools but no standout grade-70 or -80 tool. He profiles as a center fielder who hits for average and some power, while adding some value on defense and on the bases.

14. Trenton Clark, OF, Richland High School (North Richland Hills, Texas)

Clark has had an abbreviated spring due to injury and miserable weather in north Texas, but he was one of the best hitters on the circuit all of last summer and still has the promise of a plus hit tool with at least average power.

15. Nick Plummer, OF, Brother Rice High School (Lathrup Village, Mich.)

Plummer raked at the Area Code Games last summer, then showed up to the Perfect Game showcase in Jupiter a little heavier, causing some concern about what his body might look like when mature. He's in better shape again this spring, but scouting him is difficult because his league starts all hitters with a 1-1 count, so scouts have to be confident in the future-plus hit tool he showed last August.

16. Tyler Jay, LHP, Illinois

Jay's misuse at the hands of Illinois coach Dan Hartlieb has been a constant topic of conversation among scouts and executives this spring. No MLB team would ever put its best starter in the bullpen, but that's what the Illini have done. They took a three-pitch lefty with plus-plus control and the ability to hold his velocity, and turned him into an infrequently used reliever who is hard for teams to scout. He would have been a top-five pick had he been used as a starter all year and he continued to show the kind of stuff he has in his longest relief outings this spring.

17. Tyler Stephenson, C, Kennesaw Mountain High School (Kennesaw, Ga.)

Stephenson has a classic right-handed power hitter's swing and a plus arm that's extremely accurate, although he's very big for a catcher. Teams have to buy that the bat will play even if he has to move to right field.

18. Donny Everett, RHP, Clarksville (Tenn.) High School

Everett is like the prep version of Funkhouser, with size and big velocity, control but not command, and a breaking ball that's still a work in progress. He has some effort in his delivery that will have to be smoothed out just so he can get to 45 command, but he has close to top-of-the-rotation upside if you really dream on it.

19. Mike Matuella, RHP, Duke

Matuella's spring was wiped out by Tommy John surgery, but his back issues never recurred and he should be in line for a first-round selection anyway, just as Jeff Hoffman and Erick Fedde were last spring (although both of those guys pitched quite a bit before their injuries).

20. Nate Kirby, LHP, Virginia

Kirby had been erratic this spring and was tumbling even before a latissimus dorsi strain ended his spring. This puts teams in the middle to back of the round in a good spot to grab a lefty who doesn't have a consistent second pitch between his changeup or slider – during one outing the change would be the better pitch, the next appearance he'd show a plus slider but not the changeup -- but was once considered a likely top-five selection.

21. Chris Betts, C, Wilson High School (Long Beach, Calif.)

There's not much at catcher in this draft, which makes Betts and the aforementioned Stephenson even more attractive. Betts has power and feel to hit, with teams thinking he could be a Brian McCann-style offensive catcher, given time.

22. Jon Harris, RHP, Missouri State

Harris' season started a bit late due to an ankle injury, but he has rolled since, outside of one disastrous outing against powerhouse Tennessee-Martin* (* = not an actual powerhouse), showing above-average control of a promising fastball/slider combination.

23. Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B, Concordia Lutheran High School (Tomball, Texas)

The son of former big leaguer Charlie Hayes, Ke'Bryan is one of the best defensive infielders in the class, high school or college, with outstanding hands at third base, along with very good reads and a plus arm. He hasn't hit many home runs in high school, but has good feel to hit and makes hard enough contact that he should develop average power as he gets older.

24. Drew Finley, RHP, Rancho Bernardo High School (San Diego)

In this draft, there are a lot of very good projectable high-school arms who bring some present skill to the table -- deception, command or, in Finley's case, a plus curveball -- which should entice teams that aren't just velocity-chasers. Finley, the son of Dodgers exec and former Red Sox/Marlins scout Dave Finley (who originally signed Adrian Gonzalez out of high school), has good control of an average fastball and recently set the state's single-game strikeout record with 20.

25. Scott Kingery, 2B, Arizona

Kingery came on fast this spring after a move from center field to second base in the offseason. He's only 5-foot-8, at most, but is a 70 runner with a great eye at the plate and plenty of hand strength to hit for doubles power. He's also leading all major-conference hitters in batting average at .416.

26. Brady Aiken, LHP, IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)

27. James Kaprelian, RHP, UCLA

28. Juan Hillman, LHP, Olympia High School (Orlando, Fla.)

29. Justin Maese, RHP, Ysleta High School (El Paso, Texas)

30. Jacob Nix, RHP, IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.)

31. Ashe Russell, RHP, Cathedral High School (Indianapolis)

32. Kyler Murray, SS (and QB), Allen (Texas) High School

33. Kep Brown, 1B, Wando High School (Mt. Pleasant, S.C.)

34. Cody Ponce, RHP, Cal Poly-Pomona

35. Tristan Beck, RHP, Corona (Calif.) High School

36. Mitchell Hansen, OF, Plano (Texas) High School

37. Cornelius Randolph, IF, Griffin (Ga.) High School

38. Andrew Benintendi, CF, Arkansas

39. Phil Bickford, RHP, College of Southern Nevada

40. Jacob Woodford, RHP, Plant High School (Tampa)

41. 18. Dakota Chalmers, RHP, North Forsyth High School (Cumming, Ga.)

42. Alonzo Jones, 3B, Columbus (Ga.) High School

43. Joe McCarthy, OF, Virginia

44. Carson Fulmer, RHP, Vanderbilt

45. Lucas Herbert, C, San Clemente (Calif.) High School

46. Triston McKenzie, RHP, Royal Palm Beach (Fla.) High School

47. Beau Burrows, RHP, Weatherford (Texas) High School

48. Nick Neidert, RHP, Peachtree Ridge High School (Suwanee, Ga.)

49. Chad Smith, CF, South Gwinnett High School (Snellville, Fla.)

50. Blake Trahan, SS, Louisiana-Lafayette

51. Jalen Miller, SS, Riverwood International Charter School (Atlanta)

52. Justin Hooper, LHP, De La Salle High School (Concord, Calif.)

53. Jahmai Jones, OF, Wesleyan School (Norcross, Ga.)

54. Jeff Degano, LHP, Indiana State

55. Gio Brusa, OF, Pacific

56. Michael Soroka, RHP, Bishop Carroll High School (Calgary, AB)

57. Jacob Taylor, RHP, Pearl River Community College (Poplarville, Miss.)

58. Chris Shaw, 1B, Boston College

59. Tanner Rainey, RHP, West Alabama

60. Mikey White, SS, Alabama

61. Christin Stewart, OF, Tennessee

62. Peter Lambert, RHP, San Dimas (Calif.) High School

63. Nolan Watson, RHP, Lawrence North High School (Indianapolis)

64. Luken Baker, RHP/1B, Oak Ridge High School (Conroe, Texas)

65. Austin Smith, RHP, Park Vista Community High School (Lake Worth, Fla.)

66. Tristin English, RHP, Pike County High School (Zebulon, Ga.)

67. Bryce Denton, OF, Ravenwood High School (Brentwood, Tenn.)

68. Cole Sands, RHP, North Florida Christian High School (Tallahassee, Fla.)

69. DJ Stewart, 1B, Florida State

70. Kevin Kramer, SS, UCLA

71. Desmond Lindsay, IF, The Out-of-Door Academy (Sarasota, Fla.)

72. Donnie Dewees, OF, North Florida

73. Blake Hickman, RHP, Iowa

74. Richie Martin, SS, Florida

75. Kyle Cody, RHP, Kentucky

76. Josh Staumont, RHP, Azusa Pacific

77. Eric Jenkins, OF, West Columbus High School (Cerro Gordo, NC)

78. Joe DeMers, RHP, College Park High School (Pleasant Hill, Calif.)

79. Riley Ferrell, RHP, Texas Christian

80. Nick Madrigal, SS, Elk Grove (Calif.) High School

81. Kyle Molnar, RHP, Aliso Niguel High School (Aliso Viejo, Calif.)

82. Casey Hughston, OF, Alabama

83. Josh Naylor, 1B, St. Joan of Arc High School (Vaughan, Ontario)

84. Chandler Day, RHP, Watkins High School (Pataskala, Ohio)

85. Nick Sprengel, LHP, El Dorado High School (Placerville, Calif.)

86. Antonio Santillan, RHP, Seguin (Texas) High School

87. Cole McKay, RHP, Smithson Valley High School (Spring Branch, Texas)

88. Ryan Burr, RHP, Arizona State

89. Jared Padgett, LHP, Graceville (Fla.) High School

90. Parker McFadden, RHP, Yelm (Wash.) High School

91. Garrett Davila, LHP, South Point High School (Belmont, NC)

92. Brandon Lowe, 2B, Maryland

93. Demi Orimoloye, OF, St. Matthew High School (Orleans, Ont.)

94. Colton Eastman, RHP, Central High School (Fresno, Calif.)

95. Mariano Rivera Jr., RHP, Iona

96. Kyle Holder, SS, San Diego

97. Austin Byler, 3B/1B, Nevada

98. Blake Perkins, OF, Verrado High School (Buckeye, Ariz.)

99. Mark Mathias, OF, Cal Poly SLO

100. Trey Cabbage, 3B, Grainger High School (Rutledge, Tenn.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gamecocks in Desperation Mode....which is a good thing

It is hard to believe that the Gamecocks are not projected to make the NCAA Baseball Tournament. It has been an awful season that has shown some glimpses of hope recently. Conventional thought said that the Gamecocks needed to take at least two out of three from #1 LSU this past weekend. That did not happen. The Gamecocks did win the first game but looked badly outmatched in the next two.

That leads us to the SEC Baseball Tournament that starts today for the Gamecocks. As bad as this season is, it could be worse. Georgia and Mississippi State did not even qualify for the SEC Tournament.

Do the Gamecocks need to win the SEC Tournament? According to the experts they don't need to win the SEC Tournament to get in to the NCAA Tournament but they need to go pretty deep. This was from Kendall Rogers of discussing his and Aaron Fitt's feelings on the postseason fate of Clemson and South Carolina:

I think Aaron and I both agree that Clemson would get in as of today. The conference record is good, the RPI has gotten significantly better, and it is playing well at exactly the right time. Clemson is absolutely trending upward, but needs to finish things off and leave no doubt with a strong showing in Durham."

For those who wonder about South Carolina...their thought is that Scar would have to win three in Hoover to have a shot.

Not exactly great news. The Gamecocks are on the outside looking in while Clemson has just about punched their ticket? Can I vomit now or later?

It isn't all bad news though, three wins in the SEC Tournament is possible and this team is capable and it might be easier than you think. Why do I say that? Listen up.

The Gamecocks have only won the SEC Tournament once, that was in 2004. Overall they have been to the SEC Tournament 21 times and have compiled a 24-35 record. Not very impressive. However, those numbers are a bit misleading. No matter what Ray Tanner or Chad Holbrook have said in the past, the Gamecocks have never gone into desperation mode in Hoover. Yes, the players busted their butt and they wanted to win but Tanner and Holbrook never managed like winning in the SEC Tournament was the #1 goal. Most years their #1 goal was to keep pitchers rested, healthy and ready for the NCAA Tournament. The Gamecocks could afford to do this in the past because by SEC Tournament time they had pretty much locked up their NCAA Tournament seeding and their performance in Hoover wasn't going to really change anything.

That is not the case this year, the Gamecocks are playing for their lives. However, many of the top SEC teams will be playing with more of an eye on next week than this week. The Gamecocks could take advantage of this to make a run. It could be easier than you think.

The Gamecocks do have one disadvantage, they don't have the benefit of double elimination, at least not yet. The Gamecocks face Missouri today in a single elimination game in order to get into the meat of the 8 team double elimination SEC Tournament. Their season is truly on the line today.

If the Gamecocks do win today they will face Vandy tomorrow. If they were to lose to Vandy they would then go to the loser's bracket trying to stay alive.

Here is a realistic path to three wins by the Gamecocks:

Win #1: Beat Missouri

Lose to Vandy: Vandy is beatable using my desperation theory but let's assume we lose here. The Gamecocks would then either face Ole Miss, Alabama or Texas A&M. This is in the loser's bracket so we assume that the Aggies win. Ole Miss is the most logical opponent. They are the #6 seed and tournament bound. Let's hope they are resting their better arms.

Win #2: Beat Ole Miss  

Here is where it gets tricky and why the experts say if we can get three wins we should make it into the NCAA Tournament. We are going to have to either beat Texas A&M or Vanderbilt. Can we beat these teams? Of course, we have done it before.

Win #3: Beat Vanderbilt

So the road to an NCAA Tournament bid is to beat Missouri, Ole Miss and split two games with Vanderbilt.

Let's go Gamecocks!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Look Out Kaepernick, Here Comes Dylan!

Dylan Thompson may have not been drafted, but he is wasting no time impressing the San Francisco 49ers who signed him as a free agent.

Rookie coach Jim Tomsula got his first close up look of Thompson at a three day rookie mini camp and came away impressed.

“He’s got those … intangibles,” Tomsula said of Thompson. “Then you watch the tape [and] this guy can throw a football around. He spins it. We’re excited about him. We really are.”

Thompson joins Bruce Ellington, Mike Davis and Rory Anderson as Gamecocks now wearing the red and gold of the Niners. GM Trent Baalke also took a chance and drafted Marcus Lattimore two years ago. Baalke makes no secret of his affinity for Gamecock players and explains it comes from the time he spent with Steve Spurrier in Washington.

As for Thompson, he not only impresses the coaches but also his teammates, especially Rory Anderson.

“Dylan is a great guy,” Anderson said. “A great guy. He’s one of the guys, if I have anything going on, with family or anything outside of football, I go to him, I go to his family.

“We’ve built a close relationship over the last four years. So just being able to be here with him and my other teammates is just a blessing.”

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rumors, Praise and Questions about Jackie Bradley's Future with Sox

Jackie Bradley Jr. is back up with the Red Sox, and with his ties to Red Sox and Gamecocks Nation, we treat him like a king here.

Bradley has been used mainly as a fourth outfielder since his call up, in 8 at bats he has yet to get a hit. Dating back to last season, he is now 0 for his last 26. Not good. He did have a solid offensive spring with a new shortened swing and in Pawtucket he was hitting .343 with an .857 OPS. He still needs to prove he can hit at the MLB level though.

JBJ was called back up to the majors as the Sox were facing the Blue Jays. John Gibbons, manager of the Blue Jays, raved about Bradley calling him the best defensive center fielder he has ever seen play. JBJ was up for the Gold Glove last year but didn't get it. Ironically, many feel he deserved it but his bat kept him from winning it. Gold Gloves are not always given to the best defensive players. It is more of a popularity contest. Derek Jeter is proof of that. Bradley turned 13 double plays from the outfield last year, next closest was 5. He also had 18 assists. Those are mind boggling numbers. His .180 batting average is just as mind boggling though.

His defensive prowess has many wondering why the Sox don't put him in center field when he enters the game. John Farrell explained that JBJ is not going to be a full time starter and he doesn't want to move around Mookie Betts who starts in center field. Betts is a decent defensive center fielder but he is still learning and there have been a few balls he didn't get to that JBJ would have.

Does Bradley have a future with the Red Sox? With Betts and Rusney Castillo, it doesn't look good. Will JBJ be better off with a change in scenery? Very possible. The latest rumor had the Sox offering him to the Mariners for Charlie Furbush of the Mariners. It is clear that JBJ makes an impact on the defensive side, if he can prove he can it, he will be a force in MLB just like he was in college with the Gamecocks.