Thursday, September 24, 2015

NFL and College Football Betting Trends: Week 4

We enter Week 4 of the football betting season and we check in with The Basement Bookie with the betting trends and free picks for the weekend.

Here is a look at the College Football Betting Trends and specifically how the underdogs are doing against the spread in Top 25 matchups.

The College Football Free Pick of the Week is undefeated this season. The Basement Bookie this week looks at the LSU vs Syracuse game.

The NFL enters Week 3 of their season and here are the NFL Betting Trends.

The NFL Power Rankings have also been released and there are some surprising moves after Week 2.

The NFL Free Pick of the Week is 1-0-1 so far on the season and this week the matchup in focus is the Saints at the Panthers.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Free Pick of the Week: Clemson at Louisville

The Basement Bookie is back with his Free Pick of the Week. Clemson at Louisville is the game he is on this week. Does Clemson continue their struggle with road Thursday night games or do they send Louisville reeling with an 0-3 record? Get the Free Pick of the Week now!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

SEC/ACC Betting Trends: Week 2

The Gamecocks were the only favorite this past week to lose outright. The underdogs did have another great week in college football though. The Basement Bookie breaks down the betting trends from Week 2 of the college football season.

A Loss That Was Earned in Stupidity

We posted on Friday why the Gamecocks should roll over Kentucky. At halftime of the game it appeared everything that we wrote in that post was dead wrong. We weren't close to being the better team. They were faster and stronger. They were better prepared and better coached. How could we be so wrong? 

There has been this narrative since last season that the program was on its way back down to the land of mediocrity. The opponents of that narrative argued back that the 2014 season was an aberration and not a sign of dark days ahead. At halftime of Saturday night's game, the state of the program looked like a tire fire.

We hate to be wrong and the second half proved we weren't. We are the faster, stronger and more talented team. We lost though and we deserved to lose.

The second half made the loss easier to deal with to a certain extent. If we had played in the second half like we did in the first half this blog post would read more like the obituary of the Gamecock football program. The program is far from dead but it certainly has some serious ailments.

The first ailment is how can a team play so badly in that first half? Why do we insist to playing down to the level of our competition? This has become a pattern. We are "out-Clemsoning" Clemson. They have actually beaten 29 straight unranked opponents, granted they can't seem to beat a ranked one much anymore.

The second ailment is stupidity. We tend to coach dumb and we tend to play dumb. The unsportsmanlike penalty when it was first and goal at the 2 yard line is beyond acceptable yet this has also become a pattern. The unacceptable appears to be acceptable because the players who commit these types of mistakes never seem to miss a down for their judgement. Something in the culture stinks and it needs to be fixed.

Are the Gamecocks dead? Not at all. We predicted an 8-4 season with a win over Kentucky and a loss to Georgia. We guess that means the Gamecocks will beat Georgia this week. Think we are kidding? We are dead serious. The Gamecocks have talent, that is not the issue. Beating Georgia wouldn't shock me anymore than how we lost to Kentucky. It is what we do. We are the program that beats the #1 team and then loses to Kentucky. We can certainly lose to Kentucky and turn around and beat Georgia.

Is Perry Orth for real? He sure looks like it. Gamecock fans can't understand how Mitch ever beat out Orth based on what we are seeing. Understand that Mitch has more talent but it doesn't make him a better QB. There is also the possibility that Orth doesn't look as good in practice. Some guys look awful in practice but light it up when the game lights come on. There is also the factor of knowing the offense. Orth has been here longer, he knows the offense better which might explain why he looks so calm when he is playing. Mitch continued to have that deer in the headlights look. That happens when you are not quite as comfortable with the offense.

Connor Mitch will be out for 6-8 weeks and we wish him a speedy recovery. The injury is a blessing in disguise for the Gamecocks. Orth proved he should be the starter and now he gets to be the starter without the QB controversy surrounding him. Yes, we know there are many Gamecock fans that are screaming for Lorenzo Nunez and while Nunez will have packages just for him, Orth clearly gives us the best chance to win right now.

Things seem bleak right now but imagine how they would look if we didn't play well in the second half. We are not dead yet as a program, this isn't no funeral. Imagine how different things will look if we beat Georgia? Keep the faith.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Why The Gamecocks Should Roll Over Kentucky

There seems to be a lot of nervousness in Gamecock Nation as we head into our first conference game of the year. The 2014 season is still lingering in the minds of many. Those lingering doubts have many on edge as Kentucky comes to a town, a team we are clearly better than.

Can we lose? Of course we can but there is no doubt we are the much more talented team. Kentucky has not won a road game since September of 2010, think about that. Of course Tennessee is just 1-27 in their last 28 games against ranked teams and we all know who that one win was against.

The perspective from the outsiders also has us as a much better team than we give ourselves credit for in 2015. Many were surprised at what big favorites we are with our buddies in Las Vegas. They have us anywhere from a 7 point favorite to a 9 point favorite.

Our friends over at The Basement Bookie crunched the numbers and have the Gamecocks as 11.5 points better than Kentucky at Williams-Brice Stadium.

Strategically speaking, the Kentucky defense is really struggling at the linebacker spot. They are not a team that is really capable of stopping the run. Of course, they didn't stop the run last year and for some reason we went to the air much more than we should have in Lexington.

It is going to be a rainy night with a passing game that is still trying to find some rhythm. Look for the Gamecocks to run early and often and attack the outside of the Kentucky defense on sweeps. The Gamecocks should roll, so relax.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Free Pick of the Week: Steelers at Patriots

The Basement Bookie got off to a 14-3-1 start to the College Football season. The NFL season starts tonight with the Patriots hosting the Steelers. The latest spread is the Patriots favored by 7 points. Will they cover? The Basement Bookie has released this game as his Free Pick of the Week. Get the free pick now!

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